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With the SuiteCRM SMS Integration, your team can engage buyers and increase sales revenue with individualized conversations via one-click SMS sending from anywhere in the CRM. Utilize convenient features like: two-way single or bulk messaging, SMS templates, message scheduling and more.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3968 Is it possible to avoid the User to click twice the Send Button? - Dear Verity Infotech, really congrats for your development. Haven't fully tested but from what i saw Lion Solution Open Bug?
#3743 Case opening/Case closing Messages - Dear Team, Please confirm the below requirements. Requirements: 1. A case opening SMS shoul MalikZaeem Open Feature
#3632 shows message sent successfully but not showing in Twilio logs - Hello, I installed and configured the plugin. When testing in the CRM it shows that the message was davr59 Open General Question
#3583 Images? - Is it possible to have images in the email template be sent with the text message? goodgreek Open Feature
#3558 Loading issue and Turkish character issue - Hello, When we are sending SMS to Targets, after push send button, there is no response to send. Ertan Gencer Closed Bug?
#3504 Inbound SMS notification - A feature is 'inbound SMS notification' but we are not sure if it's a popup or reminder. Does a user chrisd Open Feature
#3497 "Loading, please wait..." - The module is installed, the license is verified and Twilio configuration is done. Trying to send a mbajon Open Bug?
#3353 2 way chat? - Hello, I am testing the trial version and i donot see a 2way chat windows with receive/send histo mediaral Closed General Question
#3195 Duplicate Leads with same phone number - How does your solution handle multiples leads/accounts with the same contact information? does it ad support16 Closed General Question
#3166 SMS Schedule - SMS Schedule doesn't work. Ertan Gencer Closed General Question
#3036 Sending to group - Is it possible to send target list? Do you have any demo to test it? Ertan Gencer Closed Feature
#2922 Interface with egoi - Hello Does your solution works with apis ? Is it possible to send sms wit carlosbasto Closed General Question
#2647 Installation issue - I tried to install the sms addon and the installation bar has been stuck at 11% for quite a long tim zhaolenan Closed Bug?
  • "Best SMS plugin. I have tried a couple of SMS plugin and they never worked, I decided to give this a try and it didn't work at first but once I reache..." - kale

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