Highlevel Overview

Using the SuiteCRM SMS Integration by GrowMore Technologies, you can quickly send SMS messages from your CRM in one click, from any module. Send mass SMS messages and log all replies as an inbound SMS message too. Create and send custom or template-based messages, plus send messages using a workflow. Below is the full list of product features to help your team stay focused on inbound/outbound customer communications in SuiteCRM:

  • Send SMS messages from anywhere using one click on the SMS icon
  • Send Bulk SMS messages using SMS templates
  • Send SMS messages using workflow like email
  • You can use any field of a record in the template
  • Send and receive SMS message log will be saved in the Call module
  • You will get an alert notification when any SMS message is received
  • All logs will be related to appropriate records based on mobile matches

SuiteCRM SMS Integration sending mass messages

How it Works

DetailView Of Record

Send SMS by clicking on the icon

SuiteCRM SMS Integration DetailView

Sending SMS Message

SuiteCRM SMS Integration sending message

SMS Sent Log In Call Module

SuiteCRM SMS Integration sent log

Alert Notification When SMS Received

SuiteCRM SMS Integration inbound alert

SMS Received Log In Call Module

SuiteCRM SMS Integration received log

Logs History Under Record

SuiteCRM SMS Integration history log

To learn more about this solution, go to SuiteCRM SMS Integration or search for "SMS."

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