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Time tracker helps users to manage time spent on each activities within SuiteCRM.
It has integration with Billing(Invoice & Quotes) to generate bill for customers
from hours spent by team members.

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Do you own service or support company ?

If Yes, you probably facing following issues to manage team,

  • Track time spent by your team
  • Billing customers based on time spent by the team
  • Validate time spent by team
  • Lots of efforts on calculation of time spent by team.

We’ve answer of this questions,



We have built “Timekeeping Module” which helps you to track time spent by each team member on each customer, tickets, tasks,quotes and other activities.

Time keeping has timer to Start and Stop which will calculate time spend based on calendar hours or business hours.

Some of the key features that make our extension unique are :

  • Assign users to track their time within SuiteCRM
  • Time spent and timer icon will always display on header for users to know how much time they’ve spent
  • Integrates with Quotes, Invoice and Events
  • Option to create a Notes when completing the time log
  • Allows to Pause, Stop, or Start the timer
  • Allows to manually Add Start Date/End Date and Start Time/End Time
  • Displays list of active timers on the same popup
  • Compatible with Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Tasks
  • Generate Billing/Invoicing (with a single click, you can pull in all time entries into invoice).
  • Includes the ability to specify hourly rate for each user or global rate common for all users
  • Module Manager Compatible

SuiteCRM compatibility features

  • Compatible with SuiteCRM 7.0+ versions
  • Works with all SuiteCRM Modules
  • Configurable with Standard & Custom SuiteCRM Fields
  • Intuitive Configuration panel allowing multiple steps setup
  • 100% Modular (Does not modify SuiteCRM core files)

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