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Timer Tracker helps users manage time spent on each activity within SuiteCRM. It integrates seamlessly with Billing (both Invoice & Quotes) to make generating billing based on hours accrued for customers a breeze.

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Timekeeping User’s Guide has been developed to assist management, system admin and users. It allows to track the time spent while working on a particular module’s particular record.


  • Run Multiple timers at a time
  • Open/Close Timekeeping popup with a single click without leaving the page
  • Allows to manually editable Start/End DateTime
  • Allows to Create Task and Notes automatically when complete timer.
  • Calculate Durations of Timer according Business Hours or Calendar Hours.
  • Allows to define Global Rate and User Wise Rate.
  • Allows to Pause, Stop, Close and Resume timer.
  • Display Active Timers in Timekeeping Popup.
  • Allows to Copy TimeLog to Quotes and Invoice.
  • Allows to Add Timekeeping Description to LineItem in Quotes and Invoice

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