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Timer Tracker helps users manage time spent on each activity within SuiteCRM. It integrates seamlessly with Billing (both Invoice & Quotes) to make generating billing based on hours accrued for customers a breeze.

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Installation Guide

Steps For Installing Timekeeping Plugin

Notes: Before installing Timekeeping Plugin, please take your SuiteCRM and Database backup first.

Step 1

To open the Administration Page, Click on the Admin tab, as shown in below screenshot.


Step 2

To install Timekeeping plugin, Click on Module Loader from the Developer Tools section.


Step 3

In Module Loader Page → Click on the Browse button to select zip file → Click on UPLOAD button to upload the Timekeeping plugin(zip file).


Step 4

In Module Loader page → Click on INSTALL button to install Timekeeping plugin.


Step 5

To accept the Terms and Conditions, click on Accept radio button → Click on COMMIT button.


Step 6

After successful installation → it redirects you to validate License Key → enter valid License Key and click on VALIDATE button → if key is valid then it will show CONTINUE button → click on the CONTINUE button.


Step 7

Open Administration page, Click on Repair from the System section → Click on Quick Repair and Rebuild.



Step 8

After Installation you can see link “Timekeeping” on Administration page, as shown in the below screenshot.


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