If you are in the services business and bill by the hour then Time Keeping may be for you. Each team member can use the timer tool to track all time spent on cases, tasks, accounts, contacts, etc. The time then gets recorded in SuiteCRM. Once recorded, the entered time can be pulled right into your invoices when you are ready to bill your clients, removing the need to go around, gather timesheets, and tabulate them all manually. Having done that in the past myself, what a pain that can be!

Highlevel Overview

Time Keeping helps users manage time spent on each activity within SuiteCRM. It integrates seamlessly with Billing (both Invoice & Quotes) to make generating billing based on hours accrued for customers a breeze.

Timer Tool

Included is a timer tool that can be started and stopped for accurate time keeping on any record that is being tracked


Demo Video

To learn more about this solution and see video demos go to Time Keeping or search for "time".

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