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Do you need to send SMS messages from SuiteCRM? SendSMS is the right tool for you. It allows sending SMS with ease to any Contact or Lead or even to many recipients at one time from the List View. SendSMS supports Callfire, Clikatell and Plivo SMS Gateways as well as any custom configuration. Communicate better and faster and improve your marketing efforts with SendSMS.

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#2795 need sms plugin - Hello Sir/Madam, you can Confifure smsgatewayhub sms plugin with your application will provide yo smsgatewayhub Open Feature
#2097 Setting and testing - Hello, i would like to change the row where phone number is retrieved : phone_mobile ---> phonem cm Open Installation
#1873 Requesting refund - The plugin didn't really do what we needed it to. I know that it's beyond the 30 day trial. I have u jsinger Open General Question
#1783 Manual Install? - It doesn't look like the install completed correctly and I don't have documentation for a manual ins jsinger Open Installation
#1619 Clickatell From # format? - Trying to send test message from SendSMS Configuration. Errror: Invalid FROM number. Have tried se sschultz Open Installation
#1371 avtivation status - avtivation status not show anything.. hariommaurya Open Bug?
#1324 No drop down choices - SMS configuration does not display any choices in drop down menu. adamw357 Open Bug?
#845 cancel my trail until your addon compatable with 7.9.8 - cancel my trail until your addon compatible with 7.9.8 ,, installation stacked on 70% mdeveloper999 Open Installation
#656 Send SMS from workflows - Hi , Does the addon have template and workflow functionality? Thank you australiait Open General Question
#653 wrong mobile number in Send SMS window. - Hello, We have the addon up and running in Australia using a custom gateway and it is working wel australiait Open Bug?
#481 SendSMS does not work for us - - SendSMS does not integrate to workflow and we need this functionality. Also, all phone numbers have jrlago55 Open Feature
#471 SMS Not Sent - When i am trying to send sms its showing error "No rate/prefix matching dst number". Plea testinggaugan Open General Question
#462 Send SMS to more than 500 contacts - Hello guys, is there any way that you can increase the 500 contacts limit? For example, when I creat ayudayservicios Open Feature
#391 Cannot send MASS-SMS when using plivo. - Hello, I recently spoke with you guys about adding a feature that could send SMS to a target list, w ayudayservicios Open General Question
#242 Send an SMS to a Target List - Hello, I was asking support if you guys had that feature and he said no, I was wondering if you ayudayservicios Open Feature
#184 SMS Trial - We have not gone with the module because it was not working effectively for Australia. We will look foresters Open Bug?
#158 Configuration error - no gateway selections - Wanting to try SendSMS and see if custom gateway will work with SMSBroadcast here is Australia. Ins foresters Open Bug?
#142 Does not install - Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/KFG2mq/files/custom/Extension/application/Ext/Include/viz_SendSMS sricciotti Open Bug?