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A better way to manage and maintain your Target Lists. Target List Wizard allows you to keep lists up to date automatically using reports or workflows or manually from each of your records using the Target List subpanel. Also includes the ability to mass remove and also search for records that belong to a certain target list.

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Target List Wizard will help you:

  • Keep your target lists up to date using Reports or Workflow
  • Manage your target lists with a Target List Subpanel available under Contacts, Leads, Prospects or Accounts
  • Mass Remove records from a Target List in List View
  • Search records belonging or not to a target list

Keep your target lists up to date with Sync Target Lists based on conditions

With SuiteCRM, only adding records to a target list is available using Workflows or Reports. Existing records will not be removed if they no longer match the conditions defined in the Report or Workflow.

With Target List Wizard, different solutions are proposed to automatically keep your target lists up to date: Synchronize with a Report or define Target List Workflows, so that the target list contains only appropriate records.

Synchronize Report and Target List

Sync definition

The target list will be synchronized with the report contents automatically every day or upon request. Report Parameters can be applied to a synchronization definition.

Sync list

Target List Workflows

Target List Workflow

The record will be added or removed from the target list depending on the field values

Target Lists subpanel in Contacts, Leads, Targets and Accounts

The new Target Lists subpanel displays which Target Lists contain the record. You can manually add the record to a target list or remove that record from a target list


Campaigns subpanel in Target Lists

A Campaigns subpanel displays which Campaigns use that target list. You can manually add that target list to a campaign or remove it without having to use the Campaigns Wizard.

Search by target list available in Contacts, Leads, Targets and Accounts filters

Add Target List with Studio in your Filter definition and you will be able to find record belonging to the selected target list. You can also search records that are not in a given target list (Add Not in Target List with Studio in your Filter definition ).


Remove from Target Lists menu in Contacts, Leads, Targets and Accounts List View

Select multiple records and remove them from a Target List.


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  • "The TL Wizard and Security Suite Enhanced Teams add-ons are the two best investments I made for SuiteCRM, I use them every day. Since they were built ..." - Ward

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