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The MultiCompany add-on allows you to set up unique record numbering for each company in one installation of a SuiteCRM instance.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#5287 New Company User - Can see employees of all - We are trying out the plugin and have figure out how to control what all users see using the roles a scott7 In Progress Bug?
#5061 Interaction of MultiCompany with other plugins (other Variance's included) - Hi! Do you happen to know any issues with other plugins? In particular **some of your own plugin Ricardo Cairello Closed General Question
#4637 Installation failed in SuiteCRM v7.12.8 - Tryed to install version in SuiteCRM v7.12.8 (using the FLBE In Progress Installation
#4632 SuiteCRM v8 Support - Are you going to support version 8 of SuiteCRM and when do you expect to do so? FLBE Closed Installation
#4620 Question - Hi, Our installation needs a multi-company management solution, and your plugin seems to be a ver TTIR In Progress General Question
#4543 Video Removed by Youtube - Redo it? - Video Removed by Youtube - Can you Redo or Repost it? Curious about it. dwaynecasey Closed General Question