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The MultiCompany add-on allows you to set up unique record numbering for each company in one installation of a SuiteCRM instance.

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Can MultiCompany make your business life easier?

1. Are you running a company with multiple branches or multiple locations? 2. Do you need to separate data for each branch with a separate record numbering format (for invoices and others)? 3. Would you like to use one installation for more companies? 4. Would you like to be able to define separate numbering of the records for your companies? 5. Would you like to have separate numbering of the records for different users?

If you mostly answered “yes,” it looks like you are a good candidate to use our new SuiteCRM add-on, MultiCompany. Also, from our experience, we see that our module is required for one company installation due to the features.

How it Works

The SuiteCRM MultiCompany module allows the easiest way to manage your companies within one SuiteCRM installation.


It means you can define additional organizations (name, phone, email address, and other additional fields) and create new records under these organizations. Additionally, records related to the new companies can be separately numbered with their specific prefix according to your needs. This helps you to no longer mix records of different companies and gives you a better overview of your data per company.


Key Features

  • Supports mostly all standard SuiteCRM modules as well as custom modules
  • No necessary extra installation for additional companies
  • Save money by buying extension tools once, not per company
  • Included in our package: All Access
  • Keep it simple and easy to understand for your team


Database Compatibility


Easy to Install and Setup

See more about how it works in our User Guide

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