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MTS SubPanel Search makes it easy to QUICK SEARCH ANY INFORMATION IN A SUBPANEL. Because you can filter searches right from any subpanel you can drill down to the exact record you need in little time. This gets you back to focusing on the real business value task on hand.

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#2585 Subpanels empty when collapsed - We've found that if the subpanels are collapsed and and you expand them, they are empty, but if you ghansen Closed Bug?
#2484 Further Explanation - Can you give more information on what is composing this summary information. I see the Lifetime v ghansen Closed General Question
#1983 Search history sub-panel - pagination - Hi there - in the history sub-panel, when I search for an item but I am already on page 2 or page 3 chris9 Closed Bug?
#1980 Search box didn't appear for the products and services purchased sub-panel on Account. - Hello, as in the title the search text input box did not appear in the products and services panel, chris9 Closed Bug?
#1979 Search to function on more columns - Hello - please can I ask how to make the search work with more columns? For example we would like to chris9 Closed General Question