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MTS SubPanel Search makes it easy to QUICK SEARCH ANY INFORMATION IN A SUBPANEL. Because you can filter searches right from any subpanel you can drill down to the exact record you need in little time. This gets you back to focusing on the real business value task on hand.

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Sometimes users are unhappy even feel inconvenience with CRM because when they need to spend so much time to quickly find a notes or a contacts or some related records for an account. It not only takes time to check pile records in subpanel, It also requires your weak eyes to strain because work many hours with computer while trying to find the correct record in the pile of data.

So, We decision develop this add-on. Now, You can easy to search any information in subpanel. It not take much time you and you got your expected result. You should focus on the real business value. The remain tasks, this add-on will do it.

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Key Features of MTS SubPanel Search

  • Support unified search in subpanel for all modules are enabled unified search
  • Work good in all theme and required SuiteCRM versions are greater or than 7.8.0 (With lower version, contact us to custom)
  • Search on all fields are enabled unified search

Getting started

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  • "This module added a crucial feature to our SuiteCRM installation, as we have accumulated many records over the years and searching was becoming cumber..." - franklinian

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