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Implicit FrontEnd is an Enterprise-Class Outlook integration solution which enables users to do all their CRM work from within Outlook. By offering a truly exceptional depth and breadth of integration with Outlook, Implicit FrontEnd increases productivity and CRM utilization by facilitating data entry as a natural extension of users’ daily use of Outlook.

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#3625 - Cannot increase the license count - No such plan: '9723:19037'

Closed Bug? created by RedPiranha Verified Purchase 6 months ago

Hello Team,

We have already 6 licenses .. we are trying to increase the license count to 7 .. we are unable to proceed .. on click of "update # Users" button we get below error.

No such plan: '9723:19037'

Kindly let us know how to proceed.. Thank you


  1. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    6 months ago


    please contact the store support for this type of issues.

  2. jessica member avatar


    6 months ago

    Hello RedPiranha and Implicit Teams,

    We will follow up with the customer about this via email. Be in touch soon.

    The SuiteCRM Store

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