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Implicit FrontEnd 6 is a collection of CRM productivity tools for Outlook that enables you to do all your CRM work from Outlook. Sync all CRM data including accounts, opportunities, contacts, calendars etc. as well as your custom modules and fields. Use the collaboration and approval tools to capture internal email discussions and approval requests. Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 and Outlook to automate email archiving and mail merge to automate creation and sending of quotes and invoices. Track Opportunities and manage your sales team CRM activities using the Actionable Emails tool.

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  1. pjyoti562 member avatar


    2 years ago


    If I create a meeting with targets, it is not getting sync in the meeting module but it is getting linked with contacts. Can we link targets with the meeting?


  2. beni7574 member avatar


    a year ago

    Hi, I try to use the add-in. It asks me for Implicit Actionable Email CRM Modul. When I buy trial, in download page has only .exe outlook. How I can find the suitecrm modul, please!

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