The development team at Implicit is proud to announce a new version and updated name for their popular Enterprise-Class Outlook Integration for SuiteCRM.

Meet FrontEnd 6: SuiteCRM Productivity Tools for Outlook – a must-have set of tools for any SuiteCRM user who uses Outlook. Incredibly, even with the major upgrades, pricing will remain the same for this solution, which is a win for new customers or those considering returning. Keep reading as we dive into the fresh features and what existing customers can expect with the change.

Fresh Features

Collaboration Tool

Collaborate with your colleagues and capture important internal email discussions. Generate a collaboration log in the related CRM record.

Approval Tool

Request approval via Outlook prior to sending quotes or offering discounts to customers and capture the requests and responses for future reference or audit trail purposes.

SuiteCRM Productivity Tools for Outlook

CRM Data Sync Tool

Sync not only Outlook calendars and contacts but all CRM data such as accounts, opportunities, quotes etc. Do all your CRM work in Outlook without having to constantly switch between Outlook and SuiteCRM.

Email Integration Tool

Choose from a rich set of methods for manual and automatic archiving of emails.

Email Automation Tool

Leverage the power of Outlook and Office 365 to automate mail merge. Create quotes and invoices from Outlook and automatically attach them to your emails.

Opportunity Tracking Tool

Track opportunities and capture customers’ emails directly into their related CRM records.

Sales Managers Tool

Convert your customers’ emails into a prioritized list of daily "Actionable Emails". Track & manage your sales team’s activities, adjust priorities and re-assign to other members when needed.

CRM Admin Tools

Simplify deployment and shorten training time by centrally creating and publishing configurations for your security groups.


Customize FrontEnd to match your SuiteCRM customizations including custom modules / fields, side-panel and group-based configurations.

What current customers can expect

Current users of the former Enterprise-Class Outlook Integration can download and install the new SuiteCRM Productivity Tools for Outlook right from their SuiteCRM Store account Orders page. Simply find your current order, click to expand the details, then click on the Downloads tab to see the latest file. If you need help with upgrading to the new version, you can create a support case so the team at Implicit can assist you.

While pricing has not changed for this solution, current users of any product on our marketplace are locked in to the rate they paid at the time of checkout for the lifetime of their active product subscription.

Learn more about the new SuiteCRM Productivity Tools for Outlook.

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