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Implicit FrontEnd is an Enterprise-Class Outlook integration solution which enables users to do all their CRM work from within Outlook. By offering a truly exceptional depth and breadth of integration with Outlook, Implicit FrontEnd increases productivity and CRM utilization by facilitating data entry as a natural extension of users’ daily use of Outlook.

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  • Add-on Rating
    2:57 am May 2nd, 2020 | share link

    Really high quality software. Highly recommended. In the end we did not keep it installed past the trial period but that was due to needing to make some changes on our side, nothing at fault with the addon.

    Really good to see such high quality software being created for suitecrm addons.

    1. Implicit member avatar

      Implicit Inc. Provider

      4 months ago

      Thank you so much for your review and kind words!

      The Implicit Team

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    Verified Purchase 8:11 pm July 18th, 2019 | share link

    All I can say is WOW.

    I have been a sysadmin for over 20 years... so it's easy for me to recognize a FIRST CLASS product. This is certainly of that caliber. Everything about it is top rate. The installation was very easy. The documentation is well written, and easy to understand. Response to a technical question was answered within 2 hours. We are still getting to know all the advanced features of this add-in, and we are looking forward to getting it in the hands of the sales staff. We are migrating to Suite CRM from Salesforce, and have been using the Outlook plug-in for SF for years. This product is so much better than the SF plug-in (and the sales team has always liked that one).

    Keep up the awesome work!!!!

    1. Implicit member avatar

      Implicit Inc. Provider

      a year ago

      Thank you so much, Jim!

      The Implicit Team.

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    8:22 am February 18th, 2019 | share link

    It's a very good job. installation is very easy.
    LDAP intégration ask me questions ( it works) but why insert password for twice(in password and LDAP)? what about change of password for the user?
    I have multiple of crash of outlook 2013, I don't know if it is a add-on problem or if it is outlook or computer problem.
    I had to re-install my computer but it'not time.
    In fonctionnality, this add-on do what we want and more ...

    1. Implicit member avatar

      Implicit Inc. Provider

      a year ago

      Thank you!

      The LDAP password is not the same as the user's password. The LDAP password (or Encryption key as they call it) is set by your SuiteCRM admin for all users. It is this key that we use to encrypt the user password when logging in to an LDAP-enabled Sugar instance.

      Please disable the FrontEnd add-in and see if the crashes continue. If they don't, re-enable FrontEnd and if you get any crash, please send the FrontEnd log file to You can get the log file by going to FrontEnd > Options > General and clicking view log. Then save the log file to a temp folder and email it to us.

      • guens72 member avatar


        a year ago

        Where can I find the log file?

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