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A better way to manage and maintain your Target Lists. Target List Wizard allows you to keep lists up to date automatically using reports or workflows or manually from each of your records using the Target List subpanel. Also includes the ability to mass remove and also search for records that belong to a certain target list.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

1. Go to SuiteCRM and login as an admin user.

2. Go to "Admin" > "Module Loader"

3. Upload the zip package

4. Click Install

5. Once installation is completed, enter your license key

6. Once validated go to Admin, Repair, Quick Repair & Rebuild. Execute any generated SQL once the page loads.

Configuration of the Add-on

The configuration page allows you to select on which modules you need Target List subpanels or Remove from Target List menus. Configuration

Other configurations are available in Studio or with Synchronization definitions (see User Guide)

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