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SuiteCRM connected to Xero
Create Accounts AND Invoices (ACCREC AND ACCPAY) in Xero from your Detail OR List views in SuiteCRM - no more double entry - Send all your SuiteCRM records to Xero - once there update them TO or FROM Xero, quick links created to those records

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Xero Private Application

Complete the following steps to create your Xero private app (watch the video on the Installation page)

The Xero interface MAY be different from the images displayed here - we have no control over changes to the Xero GUI, however, the functionality is generally in the same area of their interface

1 Go to the following URL: and login with your Xero credentials
2 Navigate to the My Apps tab
3 Click on the Xero Add Application button/link


4 In the Setup an Application section on the left of the screen select Private - just for use with my own organisation


5 In the Application Name box enter suite-xero


6 Select the organisation you wish to give access to


7 Select the Upload X509 certificate file (.cer) option


8 Use the Browse button to locate the publickey.cer file you generated using OpenSSL earlier
9 Agree to the Xero Terms & Conditions and click on the Save button


10 If there are no problems the process will create a new, private application named suite-xero in your Xero account
11 Click on the name of the application, suite-xero to view the application details


12 On the right hand side you will see your OAuth Credentials. Leave this window open, Click on the Show button next to both the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret fields. You will need those credentials for the final step - SuiteCRM Installation - we're nearly done!!!


Installation Steps

Installation Guide
Create your OpenSSL key pair
SuiteCRM Installation
SuiteCRM Configuration

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