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SuiteCRM connected to Xero
Create Accounts AND Invoices (ACCREC AND ACCPAY) in Xero from your Detail OR List views in SuiteCRM - no more double entry - Send all your SuiteCRM records to Xero - once there update them TO or FROM Xero, quick links created to those records

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SuiteCRM Configuration

1 In your SuiteCRM installation go to your Admin menu


2 Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Xero Configuration entry


3 In the window that opens select Create Xero Configuration Settings (top left corner of the screen)


4 In the window that opens fill out ALL fields. The application name is the name that you entered in Xero when you created the Private application, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret are both values available in Xero after you've created the Private application and the CER and PEM file names are the names of the files you created with OpenSSL. PLEASE check your entries for accuracy/correctness. If ANY of these entries are wrong your connection to Xero will fail.


5 Save your Xero Configuration settings. You should now be able to use all the functionality of whichever add-ons you have purchased

PLEASE ENSURE you have run an Admin QRR and implemented the SQL statement it generates BEFORE using the module. Go to the Admin -> Repair section of SuiteCRM and run a QRR (Quick Repair and Rebuild) When that process has completed, scroll down the page. You should see a section that asks you to run some SQL, you MUST complete this step for the Invoices/Products functionality to work

Installation Steps - Install Modules

Installation Steps

Installation Guide
Create your OpenSSL key pair
Xero Private Application
SuiteCRM Installation

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