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SuiteCRM connected to Xero
Create Accounts AND Invoices (ACCREC AND ACCPAY) in Xero from your Detail OR List views in SuiteCRM - no more double entry - Send all your SuiteCRM records to Xero - once there update them TO or FROM Xero, quick links created to those records

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Xero Link Fields

Once the Suite to Xero connector has been installed you may want to make some changes to the List and Detail views of the Invoices, Accounts and Contacts modules to take advantage of the Xero Link field. This field creates a direct link from the Account/Contact to the corresponding contact in Xero

  1. In SuiteCRM, go to Admin -> Developer Tools section -> Studio
  2. The process is the same for all modules - in the File tree expand the Contacts folder and select the view/s you'd like to add the Xero Link to, we recommend the List and Detail views
  3. Drag the Xero Link field to the position in the view you'd like to make it available
  4. Click on the Save and Deploy button

We recommend adding the Xero Expense Codes field to your Invoices edit and details views. You may also want to add the Xero Link field to the Invoices subpanel of the Accounts/Contacts modules - a quick and easy way to go directly to a Xero invoice and update it's status.

Create a link from Xero to SuiteCRM

When we send an Account/Contact record to Xero we also send the ID of that record and store it in the Xero Contact -> Account No. field. To create a custom link to the SuiteCRM record from Xero do the following:

  1. In your Xero account go to Settings -> General Settings -> Custom Contact Links
  2. Click on the Add A Custom Link button
  3. Enter a name in the Name field e.g. Xero to Suite
  4. In the Link Definition field enter https://YourSuitecrmURL/index.php?module=Accounts&action=DetailView&record=
  5. Select ALL of that text
  6. From the Contact fields chooser, select the Contact Account No. field
  7. You should now see the URL change to https://YourSuitecrmURL/index.php?module=Accounts&action=DetailView&record={!CONTACTACCOUNTNO}
  8. Save the link record and view a contact, you should see your custom link on the right hand side of the window in the Contact Details section

IMPORTANT This link will ONLY work with records created from the module that you selected in the URL, in the above example the Accounts module, any records created from the SuiteCRM Contacts module will not link correctly.

What about Accounts or Contacts that are already in Xero?

When you click on the Send to Xero button from an Account or Contact record, we check for the existence of the contact. If they are found, we will bring back to SuiteCRM the Xero ID of that contact and create a link in SuiteCRM to that Xero record. Once those fields have been filled, the button in the SuiteCRM Account/Contact record changes to Update Xero.... need to make some changes to your Xero record? Change them in SuiteCRM, click on the Update Xero button, hey presto... all done

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