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SuiteCRM connected to Xero
Create Accounts AND Invoices (ACCREC AND ACCPAY) in Xero from your Detail OR List views in SuiteCRM - no more double entry - Send all your SuiteCRM records to Xero - once there update them TO or FROM Xero, quick links created to those records

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Installation Guide

There are a number of steps that you will need to perform BEFORE you install and configure the Suite to Xero module. Your installation should be completed in the following order/manner

  1. Generate your OpenSSL keypair for validating your connection to Xero. If you're using a Windows platform based PC, this will include downloading/installing OpenSSL and running a number of commands from the command line. If you're on a Linux based machine, you may already have OpenSSL installed. Alternatively you may need to use your package manager to install it, and then run the commands required to generate the keypair.
  2. In Xero, use one of the generated keys to create a Private Application
  3. Install the Suite to Xero module in your SuiteCRM installation
  4. Upload BOTH keys to your SuiteCRM installation (crm_root/custom/entrypoints/XeroOAuth-PHP-master/certs folder)
  5. Run an Admin QRR AND implement the SQL that is generated
  6. Configure your Suite to Xero module - you're ready to go

Watch the Video

Watch the embedded video below to get a feel for the process you will need to follow. If you feel as if you WON'T be comfortable completing this process, go here and fill out your details, we'll get back to you ASAP with an installable package containing your Key pair. You will still be required to create your private application in Xero.

Installation Steps - OpenSSL Keys

Create your OpenSSL key pair
Xero Private Application
SuiteCRM Installation
SuiteCRM Configuration

Installation Steps - Install Modules

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