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NEW multiple text line entry field for all modules, comparable to the current Email field PLUS BONUS mass update for ALL text fields

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Multi Entry Text Field

There are a number of locations within a CRM where you would like to be able to store multiple entries that pertain to a single item of data e.g. Contacts can have multiple email addresses. Email addresses is a field within Suite/Sugar where that requirement is addressed, but what about multiple names that a Contact may be known by? Phone numbers that they can be contacted at? Different names that businesses can be known by? The Multi entry text field addresses this issue and allows you to create fields that can have multiple entries related to the underlying data field. It also allows you to 'tag' each entry as Preferred and/or DNU (DO NOT USE)

PLEASE NOTE the field DOES NOT allow inline editing. To turn inline editing off completely do the following:

  • Navigate to /custom/Extension/modules/<the name of the module you've created the custom field in>/Ext/Vardefs. Open the file that is relevant to the new field/s you have created.
  • Add the following line to the file $dictionary['your_module_name_here']['fields']['your_fields_name_here']['inline_edit']=false;
  • Save the file, run an Admin QRR to implement the changes

Multi Entry Text Field Edit View

To create a new field do the following:
- Login to your implementation of Suite/Sugar
- Navigate to the Admin -> Studio interface
- Locate the module you would like to add the new field to
- Add a NEW field of type Extended Text field

MULTI ENTRY field option in Studio


As part of the installable package we have added the ability for you to turn ANY text field into a Mass Update field. At the moment it is a bit complex to create Mass Update text fields and the process is NOT upgrade safe, this implementation is...

MASS UPDATE text field option in Studio

MASS UPDATE text field in Contacts module

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