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NEW multiple text line entry field for all modules, comparable to the current Email field PLUS BONUS mass update for ALL text fields

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detail_view.jpgThis field allows for the adding of multiple entries, much like the current Email field. It can be used in all current modules AND custom modules. Examples include multiple names for Contact records (AKA, nick names), multiple names for Account records (trading name, business name, entity name), multiple phone records for Contacts/Accounts - whatever your CRM implementation requires.

As a BONUS we have included files that allow you to turn ANY text field over ALL modules into fields that are Mass Update fields (set to mass update via the Admin -> Studio interface). The implementation of this BONUS function is upgrade safe.

Installed via the Admin -> Module Loader the Multientry Text field also allows you to set the entries as DNU (DO NOT USE) OR Preferred. Entries that are set as Preferred are listed in the Modules List View. Create/add/use any existing drop down list.

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