Turn any TextField type in SuiteCRM into a multi-entry field with this latest release by Business Fundamentals.

Highlevel Overview

This field allows for the adding of multiple entries, much like the current Email field. It can be used in all current modules AND custom modules. Examples include multiple names for Contact records (AKA, nick names), multiple names for Account records (trading name, business name, entity name), multiple phone records for Contacts/Accounts - whatever your CRM implementation requires.

Unlimited Entries

No longer constrained by just one field to cover the unique aspects of any given record, you will be able to add as many entries as needed to properly capture and define that record.


Enter It, Then See It

Once saved you will be able to see all of that important data on the record.


To learn more about this solution and see video demos go to MultiEntryTextField or search for "multi text".

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