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NEW multiple text line entry field for all modules, comparable to the current Email field PLUS BONUS mass update for ALL text fields

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Admin Guide


The package installs into Suite/Sugar in the same manner as all installable modules, navigate to the Admin -> Module Loader section of your implementation, upload and install the package. Once the package has been successfully installed, please run an Admin -> Repair -> QRR


PLEASE NOTE the field DOES NOT allow inline editing. To turn inline editing off completely do the following:

  • Navigate to /custom/Extension/modules/<the name of the module you've created the custom field in>/Ext/Vardefs. Open the file that is relevant to the new field/s you have created.
  • Add the following line to the file $dictionary['your_module_name_here']['fields']['your_fields_name_here']['inline_edit']=false;
  • Save the file, run an Admin QRR to implement the changes

Adjust Style of Field

If you'd like to change the way the field displays in your modules Detail view navigate to the include/SugarFields/Fields/Multitextfield folder and edit the DetailView.tpl file to suit your requirements. We recommend that you make a backup/copy of the file before saving any changes. Any changes will effect ALL detail views that contain the Multientry text field

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