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#1232 - Email Syncing & Contacts

Closed General Question created by olafkoester Verified Purchase 2 years ago


I'm faily new to Implicit FrontEnd and I like it very much.
I'm still in the Trial phase end encountering some issues, that are maybe configuration problems, maybe not...

My intent is to sync all email to SuiteCRM when they arrive inside Outlook (2016, NOT O365!)
To achieve this goal I've set Tethered Mode option to "I want to sync contacts between SuiteCRM and Outlook".
On the "Sync Configuration" Tab "Contacts" is set as follows: "Filter = Marked as", "Timeframe = 'Sync to Mail Client'"
Below "Sync Contacts" is enabled with checkmarked both directions.

Two things:
First, I had several situation where Emails were not synced automatically to SuiteCRM, even if the Contact was in SuiteCRM (of course with the right email). And it looked like the Contact was not in the local database, even it was used before from inside Outlook.

Second, I would like to sync more than the contacts I've marked for syncing. Would be nice to have all or at least those that were created within a defined time frame, lets say last six months. But I cant choose that option. Just to understand: I don't like to check every contact to sync it with outlook ;-) There are some customers, I do not have in mind all time, but want to archive the incoming/outgoing emails (mostly incoming) to them also in SuitCRM.

What do I have to do to reach this? Or what could you do?
Is there any configuration error?

Looking forward for your answers.


  1. olafkoester member avatar

    olafkoester Verified Purchase

    2 years ago

    BTW: Archiving sent emails automatically does not seem to work either...

  2. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    2 years ago

    Hi Olaf,

    1. To archive all email from SuiteCRM contacts, just create a rule that archive all incoming email “From Any Contact” – that’s all you need to do and it is completely independent of contacts synchronization

    2. If you would like to change the set of contacts that are being synced, go to SuiteCRM, set any set of filters you want such as timeframe and perform a search for contacts. Then do “Mass Update” of those contacts and set the “Sync to outlook” checkbox”.

  3. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    2 years ago

    To archive sent emails to all contacts - create rule that applies to outgoing emails and as the recipient select 'Any Contact'.

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