by Simbanic

Dropdown Importer add-on allows importing a large list of values for the SuiteCRM dropdown just by uploading the CSV file. SuiteCRM user can save lots of time by using this add-on in place of the Dropdown editor of the SuiteCRM.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2504 Dropdown trail - I download this 30 days TRIAL prg/module. I work with LOCAL installed Bitnami SuiteCRM 7.6.4. So my petrovlis3 Closed Installation
#2060 Dropdown importer bug - Hi, I imported a list through csv file but my list is uploaded to Suite CRM without the right order crm2 Closed Bug?
#1352 Keeping it installed for 2 weeks to give company a chance to redeem themselves. - How can a simple plug-in such so much - it would have been easier to make a script to convert the da markephillips Closed Bug?
#1351 Template CSV and importing errors make this tool unusable and a complete waste of time. - This is the template example they give: "Key","Value" "Key_1",&quo markephillips Closed Bug?
#1017 license key not saving - Hi, I am unable to use this module. The error message I get is related to the License Key not saving whitecoat Closed Bug?