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Dropdown Importer add-on allows importing a large list of values for the SuiteCRM dropdown just by uploading the CSV file. SuiteCRM user can save lots of time by using this add-on in place of the Dropdown editor of the SuiteCRM.

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#1017 - license key not saving

Closed Bug? created by whitecoat Verified Purchase a year ago

Hi, I am unable to use this module. The error message I get is related to the License Key not saving. Please advise.

  1. simbanic member avatar

    Simbanic Provider

    a year ago

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry for the trouble.
    It has been resolved.
    Please download the latest attachment from purchase page.
    Please let me know, if you face any issue.


  2. whitecoat member avatar

    whitecoat Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    It's working now. Thanks again for the quick response. It's working very well.

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