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Conditional Notification trigger an notifications on the screen and also prevent record from being saved depending on condition mentioned in the Conditional Notification Settings. It also works on detail view of particular module’s record. It also supports on duplicate record.

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#2423 Duplicate record check not working - 1. It allows duplicate records to be saved. Can somebody guide me? 2. Is it possible to compare the kummar In Progress Bug?
#2252 is it possible to assign a notification to an other user ? - hi, all is in my sibject ;) best regards Amba Amba In Progress General Question
#2059 notifications create but dont send emails - hi notifications create but dont send emails info73 In Progress Bug?
#2058 license Key does not exist. - license Key does not exist. info73 Closed Bug?
#1678 [BUG] Plug in breaks Role Management - I've downloaded and installed the product in a freash Bitnami SuiteCRM V.7.10.10 AWS instance just t mtierno In Progress Bug?
#1616 Doesn't Work and Prevents Normal Records from Saving - A couple screenshots of the issue that is happening: We've had to remove the plugin as it seemed ashmonga In Progress Bug?
#1583 Clicking on "Save and Continue" saves anyway - Hello I've created a Conditional Notification which prevents a save under certain conditions. Whe mtierno In Progress Bug?
#1582 FIelds do not appear in field list on Conditions - Hello! I've created several custom fields on Opportunities module. Some of them are in the edit view mtierno In Progress Bug?