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Upload Multiple Files using a single Multiupload file field. Send Multiupload files as attachments with Email using Workflows.

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Release Notes

[Version 1.2]

Improving "Multiupload" to work smoothly with different types of files. Some issues reported about how to handle multiple fields for adding files simultaneously. Here are the features that were improved in this release.

  • Displaying message on create screen for Multiupload.
  • Multiple fields in same panel to upload documents. No temporary path for holding data.
  • AJAX upload to instantly copy files to server without waiting to press save.
  • Workflow has now filter option to select which Multiupload field Files would be attached with Email.

[Version 1.1]

Initial release of "Multiupload" package. This includes following features.

  • Add/Delete multiple files from Edit View using "Multiupload" field type.
  • Download files from Detail View by clicking on file name.
  • Complete file name is shown in Detail View to get instant glance of what the documents are about.
  • Workflow action for "Send email with Multiupload Attachments"
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  • "The add-on works great !! The install was very smooth and If you need support the team is very professional!!!" - Luis Landa

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