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Upload Multiple Files using a single Multiupload file field. Send Multiupload files as attachments with Email using Workflows.

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Installation Guide

How to Install

  1. Login as Admin user and navigate to Admin -> Module Loader.

  2. Upload the package and click on the install button for installation. Package Installation.png

  3. Once installation is completed you will see the License screen. Please enter valid key and then validate.

  4. After validation is successful, navigate to Admin -> Repair -> Quick Repair and Rebuild. This will update cache and add changes to the CRM system.

  5. Now to add the field in any module view, navigate to Studio and select the module where you need "Multiupload" field for uploading files.

  6. Click on Add Field and select the option "Multiupload" from the dropdown.

Data Type MultiUpload.png

  1. Make sure you add this field in edit/detail layout to be able to upload and list the files.

Uploading Multiple Files

In edit view, use the File element of Multiupload field that has been added in the view. By clicking browse, select the files that you want to add. After selection files would be shown with their names and remove options. Edit View for Multiupload.png

Since the uploading of files is done on the fly without clicking the Record Save button, the Multiupload field would show once you have created the record and navigate to Edit View. Multiple Fields with Files Uploaded.png

Workflow Setup

For sending "Multiupload" files as an email attachments via Workflow, navigate to workflows module and create a new workflow. You will see a new option named "Send Email with Multiupload Attachments"

MultiUpload Workflow Email.png

By selecting the above option you will be able to see emails, template and Multiupload Field Option. If the Workflow module has no "Multiupload" field, the dropdown will be empty. Once the field is selected and workflow is triggered, files uploaded to that field would be sent as an attachment fulfilling workflow criteria.

if you have more questions or need to discuss any customisations per your requirements, please schedule a meeting to discuss.

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  • "The add-on works great !! The install was very smooth and If you need support the team is very professional!!!" - Luis Landa

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