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CRM Type

From the Mautic point of view integration plugin adds one additional field to Contacts which is "CRM Type".

If given Contact is synchronized with CRM in this field user will see if it is currently a Target, Lead or Contact on the CRM side

Mautic - CRM Type.jpg

Push contact to integration

Not all contacts are automatically being send to CRM. By the use of "Push contact to integration" action Mautic Administartor may set up rules for when contacts should be send.

Points Trigger

One way of deciding if given contact is interesting enough to push it to CRM is by setting up Point Threshold Trigger.

For instance sent to CRM all Contacts that have at least 100 points.

Mautic - Points Trigger Action.jpg


Another way is a use of Campaign Builder. The simplest Campaign would be to set up a Segment based campaign. * Create a Segment "CRM" and add your contacts to it. * Create a Campaign where all contacts from "CRM" Segment should be pushed to integration.

Mautic - Simple Campaign.jpg


Multiple records with same Primary E-mail Address

If you create multiple Leads with same email address only the one that was created first will be fully synchronized with Mautic. All other leads will have Mautic link represented by crosed over icon.

By fully synchronized it is to be understood that:

  • record in Mautic will have the firstname, lastname and other synchronized fields same as the oldest corresponding record in CRM
  • If you want to create a Target List in CRM and push it to Mautic, only those fully synchronized records will be related to the corresponding Segment.

Leads with same email.jpg

If records share same primary e-mail address along different modules, for instance Lead has been converted into Contact, then the hierarchy of module importance comes into play. The most important is Contact, then Lead then Target. So in case of converting Lead into Contact, newly created Contact becomes the one to be considered as fully synchronized and Lead is no longer being considered as such.

Lead converted to Contact.png

Resynchronize records with Mautic

An option in Administration / Mautic Settings section in CRM.

It schedule a job to resynchronize all Mautic related records.

When resynchronization ends, it generate file:


It contains changed records from modules chosen in Administration / Connector / Enable Connectors with Primary Email Address set.

The CSV file contain following columns:

  • module_name - name of record module
  • record_id - record CRM ID
  • record_name - record name (first and last name)
  • mautic_id - record Mautic ID
  • old_mautic_id - old record Mautic ID (before resynchronization) Resynchronize records with Mautic.png

Scheduler for refresh OAuth2 Token

If you don't want to worry about Mautic refresh token lifespan and having to reauthorize CRM connection manually, you can configure additional CRM scheduler to keep tokens fresh and valid.

In Administration / Scheduler section you can create Scheduler with Job: Refresh Mautic OAuth Token.

It will try to connect with Mautic by OAuth2 Access or Refresh Token in selected time intervals.

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