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Galleria - Image Gallery for uploading multiple images and viewing them as sliding images gallery

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Admin Guide

Adding Gallery to a Module

Step 1 : Add field from Studio

Lets say you want to add a Gallery in Contacts Module. From studio, Navigate to Contacts-> Add Fields and add the Data Type, Imgegallery as you would add any other fields. Fill the details and save.

2 Add Gallery Field from Studio.png

Step 2 : Display field in EditView

To Show the field in Edit View, in order to upload images, navigate to Contacts Edit View and drag/drop the Newly created gallery field to the view.

3 Studio Edit View add field.png

Step 3 : Dispaly field in DetailView

Display the field in detail view in order to see gallery. Adjust the position where you need to show.

4 Detail view Field Position.png

Step : Changing Default Tags Dropdown Options

The Dropdown options shown against each image row in Edit View which are used for Captions can be modified easily. Navigate to Admin-> Dropdown Editor and find "gallery_images_tags_dom" option. Click on "gallery_images_tags_dom" to see dropdown options and edit them as you need.

Usage on Front End

To populate gallery with images, navigate to any existing record in the module where Imagegallery field has been added. In Edit View of record, you will see a Plus (+) sign for the gallery field. Click on it to add new row and click on the File control to open the file upload popup, select the image you want to add in Gallery. Similarly add as many images as you want and adjust the TAGS for each image.
Once done, you can save the record to see them as gallery in detail view.

Edit View - Multiple Images with Tags.png

DetailView with Tags.png

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