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Electronic signatures provide a binding way to authenticate a document. We have simplified this in SuiteCRM with an easy-to-use electronic signature capture and embed tool. You can use the E-Signature Field add-on in any default module of SuiteCRM.

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Installation & Admin Guide

1. Installation

Navigate to Admin > Module Loader and select the zip file, that you would have received upon the purchase. Follow the installation process and then do repair and rebuilt. SuiteCRM (1).png

After installing plugin, you can see that in installed plugin section in module loader. SuiteCRM (2).png

2. License

After successfully installing the plugin you need to validate the license.

Go to Administration. You can see the following settings. SuiteCRM (4).png

Add your license key here. SuiteCRM (5).png

3. Usage

You can see the custom field type in studio. Now you can go to any module from studio and you can create a custom field of type esignature. SuiteCRM (3).png

4. Print as PDF

You need to add one code manually in the following file. modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/templateParser.php

Search for the following code

elseif ($field_def['type'] == 'image') {
    $secureLink = $sugar_config['site_url'] . '/' . "public/" . $focus->id . '_' . $fieldName;
    $file_location = $sugar_config['upload_dir'] . '/' . $focus->id . '_' . $fieldName;
    // create a copy with correct extension by mime type
    if (!file_exists('public')) {
            sugar_mkdir('public', 0777);
    if (!copy($file_location, "public/{$focus->id}" . '_' . (string) $fieldName)) {
            $secureLink = $sugar_config['site_url'] . '/' . $file_location;
    if (empty($focus->{$fieldName})) {
            $repl_arr[$key . "_" . $fieldName] = "";
    } else {
            $link = $secureLink;
            $repl_arr[$key . "_" . $fieldName] = '<img src="' . $link . '" width="' . $field_def['width'] . '" height="' . $field_def['height'] . '" alt="image" />';

And after this code add the following one eSignature field in PDF template parser. image.png

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