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Need to auto populate value based on the value of related field? For this requirement Auto Populate is the perfect solution. The advanced configuration tools allow you to clearly define what should happen whenever a related field value changes.

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User Guide

Steps For Using Auto Populate Fields Features :

Step 1:

To open the Administration Page, Click on Admin tab, as shown in below screenshot.


Step 2:

Open Administration page, Click on Auto Populate Fields from the Other section.


Step 3:

On click of link, Auto Populate Fields listview page will be open. (Note: If there is no record, than it will show, message “You currently have no records saved.CREATE one now.” as shown in the below screenshot).


Step 4:

On click of CREATE link, Auto Populate Fields page will be open, as shown in the below screenshot. Select Primary Module, Secondary Module and Status and then click on NEXT button to go to next step.
(Note: you can also click on Field Mapping, to go to next step.)
CANCEL button is used to redirect to the listview of the auto populate fields.
CLEAR button is used to clear the data selected/filled for all the fields.


Step 5:

Mapping fields of Secondary module to Primary module for auto populate values. After mapping fields, Click on NEXT Button.


Step 6:

Click on “-” button for remove mapped fields from configuration


Step 7:

To calculate field select functions, create formula and select primary module field for auto populate values.


Step 8:

After clicking SAVE button, listview will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 9:

To update auto populate fields record, click on pencil icon as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 10:

To delete auto populate fields record, select checkbox of particular record and click on delete icon as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 11:

Suppose we have Primary Module as Contact and Secondary Module as Account. Open Editview of Primary Module(Contact) and select account from it. Once you will select Account, it will auto fill up all fields which you have configured. You can see in below screenshot.


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