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Empower your support and sales teams with clear visibility to the right data, right when they need it. With the Zendesk and SuiteCRM integration, your teams will be able to stay up-to-date on all relevant records whether they're working in Zendesk or SuiteCRM.

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#1198 integration admin login - It seems the integration is not working due to the fact that we may be under a company firewall. I i gonzalezerick Closed Bug?
#999 Annual subscription charge - Chad, Help. I got hit for an annual subscription to the Zendesk to SuiteCRM Module. I wasnt suitecrm_webworkz Closed General Question
#149 [Solved] Ability to create tickets from within SuiteCRM, - ok i guess. it doesn't have the ability to create tickets from within the crm, which is what we want brad1 Closed Feature