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#3835 - Outlook crashing 10 times a day

Closed Bug? created by davidcosta 3 months ago

Since we are using the plugin to test it, Outlook crashes quite often and we don't know what to do.

  1. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    3 months ago

    We haven't had any reports of Outlook crashing from any other customer since the version 5 upgrade. Please check your environment. Specifically disable all other add-ins that you might be using.

    • davidcosta member avatar


      2 months ago

      Hi again, I installed the tool on my laptop to make sure that what the users were reporting was true. Before installing it I only had some Microsoft plugins, Zoom, Icloud, Outlook social connector and none was giving me issues. Today I installed your plugin and until now Outlook crashed at least 4 times. The last one just now. I copied the log file here for your reference:

      The tool is good, but if we can't solve this I will not be able to expand the use to the rest of the company.

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