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#3780 - Users not able to archive emails

Closed Bug? created by jreutter Verified Purchase 3 months ago

We're still on a trial evaluation. The Implicit plug-in archiving function is working as expected on my system. From the plug-in installed on additional users machines, Outlook shows an email to be archived from their machine, but the archived email does not show in SuiteCRM. The same email archives as expected from my machine. The configurations on each of the machines are identical.

  1. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    3 months ago


    Sounds like a permission issue. Can you make sure the other user has access read/write permissions to the SuiteCRM email module and the specific record type he's trying to archive to. If you are still unable to figure it out, please ask him to try archiving and then send us the log file FrontEnd Options > General > View Log file. You can email it to

  2. jreutter member avatar

    jreutter Verified Purchase

    3 months ago

    This was a permission-based issue and was resolved with a settings change.

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