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#3684 - Syncing after desaster recovery of server

Closed Bug? created by Support IT - BEST Verified Purchase 5 months ago

Dear Implicit-Support-Team,

we had a server crash destroying the SuiteCRM database. Recovery was done, but there were some sycned entries in Outlook made between backup and server crash. These items, no matter if opportunities, companies, contacts, ... do not sync any longer, SuiteCRM just says "this item is no longer available".

Is there a way to get them back to SuiteCRM easily?

BR, Jürgen

  1. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    5 months ago


    If these items were synced to Outlook, you at least have the data in Outlook. But unfortunately it's not going to be easy as syncing them back because their counterpart records in SuiteCRM are gone. You'll need to extract the data and create them as new records.

    • Support_IT_BE2020 member avatar

      Support IT - BEST Verified Purchase

      5 months ago


      how can I extract data like companies or opportunities from Outlook and create them as new records?

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