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Duplicate Cleaner is a SuiteCRM add-on that allows you to set up rules to find duplicate data in your SuiteCRM and helps you eliminate duplicates manually or automatically by our cleaner process. It supports multiple numbers of duplicate detection rules that you can configure from the admin.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4227 No results found - HI, its not finding any duplicates at all where it should... it returns nothing. Only the "duplicate refhwd Closed Bug?
#3705 Set frequency for check - Hi, I've recently purchased after your successful demo, however the install doesnt seem to be runnin Lee Morgan Closed General Question
#3697 List view field - Hi, really liking what I see of the plugin so far, just a few questions: - Do you think it would Lee Morgan Closed General Question
#3655 Merging Multi-select fields - I haven't seen a way to do this with the current module, so maybe consider this a feature request. muradmin Closed Feature
#3120 Custom Module Relationships Not Transferring - Hello, I have a custom module built using the module builder that has a relationship with the bui muradmin Closed Bug?
#3118 Date matching? - I've installed the plugin and is working great! It defiantly gives you a sense of confidence in your ghansen Closed General Question
#2758 Demo - Is it possible to try it before buy? I want to test it. Ertan Gencer Closed General Question
#2739 License service issue - I have the system running and it works however my log file is fill with errors about the license ; peterjakob Closed Bug?
#2562 Duplicates Screen - I have the Duplicate Cleaner running and when it finds a duplicate I see "Record Deleted" in the Dup peterjakob Closed Bug?
#2461 Custom Module Support - Hello, Does this add-on support custom modules? Can I use it on modules I have created? Best, peterjakob Closed General Question
  • "This product is perfect to suit our needs. Our specific implementation we add data to various custom modules in a variety of manners which ends up cr..." - peterjakob

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