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Duplicate Cleaner is a SuiteCRM add-on that allows you to set up rules to find duplicate data in your SuiteCRM and helps you eliminate duplicates manually or automatically by our cleaner process. It supports multiple numbers of duplicate detection rules that you can configure from the admin.

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A messy database doesn’t just make your data feel cluttered - it can also have a tangible negative impact on your business’ effectiveness and your bottom line. A company’s decision-maker can change from year to year or every other year. It’s difficult to keep up with this pace of change, but it’s important for data accuracy.

The good news is, the Duplicate Cleaner add-on deals with duplicate records based on the rules you set up and it helps to clean up the data both ways by auto-merge or manual merge.

We’ve all dealt with duplicate data before. Whether we upload it ourselves into SuiteCRM through a data import function or mistakenly create a second entry manually, data is entered by a source from outside your company, or data is integrated from different source systems that bypass data validation rules.

The effects of good versus bad data.

Good data, especially good sales data adds great value because it leads directly to growing income, and therefore, greater success for your company. In many cases, if you have duplicate records, it can affect the value of your brand. For example, you end up sending the same marketing messages to the duplicate record. Then, the customer has a negative experience and feels like a number, not a person. They end up sending your email messages to spam and blocking your calls. Also, the customer will no longer trust you with their records.

Bad data, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. Bad data isn’t necessarily the fault of the users. Bad data happens simply because details can change. At the same time, users may forget to remove old records. So, it’s important to have a system in place to get rid of duplicates.

Examples of managing duplicates with this SuiteCRM add-on:

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