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With the 360 View Tracker add-on, track and understand your team’s day-to-day SuiteCRM activities. From logins/logouts to updates, imports/exports and more, get user details and IP addresses to help review, report and manage your CRM team processes.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4555 504 Gateway Time-out - Hi, I am testing your plugin on a dev instance. Setup & initial testing went OK. In fact I l dwaynecasey Open Bug?
#3878 Cannot Install Module - The zip file is missing a manifest.php file. Cannot proceed. This in the error I am receiving. lapester Closed Installation
#3282 Change the number of days of data - From what I read the prune database keeps 30 days of data. We wish to reduce the number of days to Power Choice Closed General Question
#3272 Quotation Module and Custom Modules - Hi Team, Just purchased the plugin... Was disappointed cos it does not support Quotes which is seanfdo Closed Feature
#3243 Custom modules - Hi Does the plugin support custom modules out of the box? If not what is involved in adding th Free Rein Ltd Closed Feature
#3204 is this module allow to know who have export data and what data was exported ? date and hours of export too ? - Hello, i need to know if a user have exported data from contacts modules for example, the log of thi FabienEREVO Closed General Question
#2799 Getting an 'Invalid Package' error on upload - Receiving an error when trying to upload the package. damon Closed Installation
#2746 Inability to use Plugin - Hello, I have successfully installed the plugin but the manual is not informative on how to use t cokafor Closed Installation
  • "Very good add-on and useful to track the productivity of users. Fantastic!" - madhusuthan

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