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The Shopify Bridge by BrainVire Info-tech provides an effective solution for bringing Shopify information into SuiteCRM. By leveraging the Shopify API your products, customers, and orders can be migrated on demand.

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[ Where i can find or generate Shopify App Key and Password ? ]

For API key and Password you need to create Private App in Shopify to generate App kay and Password. Follow below shopify Doc for Creating private App.

[ What requirement is needed in CRM to enable Real time synchronization ? ]

Your CRM must have HTTPS for Real time synchronization beacuse Shopify only accept HTTPS sites.

[ What i need to do If i face error 'default query limit reached' during first time sync up process ? ]

You need to increase the default value of query limit in config.php. For eg we can set it to 500000 to avoid any error

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  • "The Shopify Bridge works great and the support team is amazing in helping us with our support issues.. I would definitely recommend it." - ali2

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