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The Shopify Bridge by BrainVire Info-tech provides an effective solution for bringing Shopify information into SuiteCRM. By leveraging the Shopify API your products, customers, and orders can be migrated on demand.

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#5269 Deprecated API Calls From Plugin - Hi Team, I created a developer console app for Shopify and then use then installed your plugin in m sflores1 Closed Bug?
#5034 Issue with product upload and the Start Sync button. - Hello! I have issue with product upload and the Start Sync button. Start Sync button show text (Ne Closed Bug?
#4316 Mobile No Field missing to be added from Shopify to Orders Module - Dear Customer, Closing the ticket, for now, you can get back to us anytime if you have a query. 800carguru Closed Bug?
#4214 SuiteCRM - Shopify Bridge Addon - Dear Team, We have purchased the One Time Shopify Bridge Addon from SuiteCRM Store with the Licen 800carguru Closed Bug?
#4081 Shopify Sync Issue - Dear Team, We are in a Free Trial (attached is reference for the same). We are experiencing t 800carguru Closed Bug?
#3300 Compatibility - Hi Team, I want to know, whether this addon is compatible with Version 7.10.13? Thank you greggibb Closed General Question
#3009 at this time we are moving out of Shopify. So we are not interested sorry. - we are moving out of shopify. So we are not interested at this time. we used it for GreenClub.IO so Narendra Closed General Question
#2563 Sync Not Working - I have followed the steps in the installation guide, and SuiteCRM shows the Shopify bridge and the S seastmond Closed Installation
#2156 Sync Now not importing products and orders to SuiteCRM - I have integrated Shopify bridge with SuiteCmr and have been able to successfully sync contacts. How visamp Closed Installation
  • "The Shopify Bridge works great and the support team is amazing in helping us with our support issues.. I would definitely recommend it." - ali2

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