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Bring Your Shopify Data Into SuiteCRM

Posted by on June 3, 2019

Shopify is huge these days so it is great to see BrainVire come out with an integration to bring over all of that data into SuiteCRM where it can be used by sales, support, marketing, etc.

Highlevel Overview

The Shopify Bridge by BrainVire Info-tech provides an effective solution for bringing Shopify information into SuiteCRM. By leveraging the Shopify API your products, customers, and orders can be migrated on demand.

Shopify to SuiteCRM

Shopify Data Right Inside SuiteCRM

Your products, customers, and orders all get synched over to SuiteCRM so that your sales, support, and marketing teams can get access and leverage the data that they need to be successful.

Sync Products from Shopify to SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution go to Shopify Bridge or search for "Shopify".

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