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SuiteCRM Survey Plugin Integrate the SuiteCRM survey plugin to create, design and send attractive surveys to get actionable feedback from your prospects. This can help you direct your business strategies. Get feedback directly from your respondents and easily manage them in SuiteCRM.

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An Ultimate SuiteCRM Survey Plugin

Survey Rocket - a SuiteCRM survey tool has the perfect blend of basic and advanced features like schedule automated surveys, data piping, skip logic, advanced statistical reports, etc. A smart way to conduct surveys right from your SuiteCRM.

Why Go for Survey Rocket?

Survey Rocket is a native product which is developed keeping all the major functionalities of SuiteCRM in mind. It integrates easily with the SuiteCRM and has a user-friendly interface providing a hassle-free experience.

  • A powerful survey tool which lets the user create varieties of surveys ranging depending on the purpose. With Survey Rocket, one can create a market research survey, customer satisfaction & feedback survey, and many more.
  • Leverage the CRM data and send pre-filled surveys to your customers.
  • Get a clearer picture of customer satisfaction.
  • Update all the gathered data in your CRM with just a click.
  • Make the most of the pre-built industry-wise questionnaires and start sending surveys today.

Feature Highlights

Data Piping

Survey Rocket leverages the customer data stored in your CRM and enables you to pre-fill the surveys and update the responses back in your CRM.


Skip Logic

Keep your surveys more interactive and relevant with Skip Logic with the responders will be redirected to a certain question based on their answers.


Net Promoter Score

Send out the customer satisfaction surveys containing rating scales and get an overview of how your customer interacts with your products & who are your promoters.


Automated Surveys

Send smart & intuitive surveys to your customers by applying conditions which trigger the set actions. Save your & customers time and make this process easier with Survey Rocket.


Shareable Surveys

Widen your research area by creating easily shareable surveys. Now send surveys not only to your CRM customer database but to anyone who comes under your targeted demographics.


Advanced Statistical Reports

Do more with your survey data using our advanced statistical reports which not only graphically represents the data but also provide actionable insights.

Points To Note

  • Users have to create separate Email-template for each targeted modules (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Prospects) to send email Survey to the targeted customers.
  • Few minutes delay is possible with the Immediate Send survey feature.
  • Even after sending the survey the user can edit it up till the responder opens/views the survey.
  • SuiteCRM Compatibility: 7.4.* to 7.12.*
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  • "We have been using the SuiteCRM Survey Rocket Plugin for over a year now, and the product works well. This is a great plugin supported by a great team, definitely recommended."

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