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The Reports Dashboard add-on enables you to build complex report dashboards using the standard SuiteCRM reports as building components. Customize your dashboard view so priority information can be quickly seen by you and your team.

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We collected the answers for some of your questions you may ask.

[How can I install this addon?]

You can simply download the Addon from SuiteCRM Store. Then in Administation/Module loader page you can upload and install the Addon. After the installation you will be automatically directed to the license management page where you can enter your license key.

[Which SuiteCRM versions are supported?]

SuiteCRM versions above 7.0 are supported.

[How much does this Addon cost?]

Currently we offer yearly licenses of $20/SuiteCRM installation. This allows you to access to unlimited functionality for any number of users withing the SuiteCRM installation. We also offer online support during the validity of the license. We are committed of the continuous development of the addon and please send us your requirements so that we can build these into the next version

[What is the difference between Reports Dashboards and standard SuiteCRM reports?]

SuiteCRM reports are module based, where within a standard report you can only access the main module of the report and its relations. It is hence difficult to create reports on one screen which shows different tables from different modules at the same time. Using Reports Dashnboard you can combine the standard SuiteCRM reports into one screen and run them together at the same time. It also allows to design how to page should look like, where to show which tables and charts.

[How can I get support?]

In SuiteCRM Store go to the page of the Reports Dashboard Addon and select the Support tab.

[Can I send my request for a new feature?]

Yes, please. You can do this on the Support tab.

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