by Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Make your sales process easier with a convenient video calling feature for Jitsi Meet right in your CRM. This add-on helps you easily schedule online meetings in SuiteCRM with an automated video link.

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With Brainvire's Jitsi Meet add-on for SuiteCRM, you can easily schedule and host online meetings on the go. You can directly invite your prospects and customers from Leads, Contacts, Leads, Targets for:

  • Product presentations
  • Online meetings with users all across the world
  • Online training webinars for customers, leads, and targets
  • Quick and easy online support for customers

Our add-on is easy to use and comes with no additional costs. Here's why!

  • Easily integrate Jitsi with google calendar
  • Users can join without any account creation
  • Is encrypted, so the conversation is private
  • Customisable, you can create any URL of your choice
  • Simple installation
  • Available on all devices, no application is needed
  • Share word documents, presentations, and different types of files during the session
  • Record and save meetings for offline access
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