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Configure specific fields from specific modules and set formats like character limit, numeric, or alphanumeric and more for certain fields using Format Builder.

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Format Builder User’s Guide has been developed to assist management, system admin and users. This extension allows you to apply a specific format to any fields for all modules.


  • Format Builder extension supports on Editview of the particular module.
  • Automatically reformats phone numbers to the specified format.
  • Format Builder extension commonly used for serial numbers, phone numbers, product numbers etc.
  • Format Builder support Multi Languages (German,English,Spanish,French,Hungarian,Italian,Dutch,Portuguese,Russian,Ukrainian)
  • To choose which format should be display for Particular field of particular module when page load and after change of any field value depending on format selected in the configuration.
  • Format Builder support to add multiple format based on field value on single field.

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  • "Although I had a small problem with install, the support was absolutely top-notch - they responded quickly and got the solution working. The Format Bu..." - catherine

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