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Tired of having to delete Contacts and related Activities by hand when deleting Account records? deletePLUS puts you in control of what records are deleted AND which of the related records are deleted. Available from the Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities Actions menu - fully configurable

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The deletePlus module allows you to take control of the delete process from within SuiteCRM.

Have you recently deleted an Account record only to find that all related Contacts are still part of the database? None of the related Activities have been deleted? Sick of having to delete Contact records BEFORE you delete the parent record and then not knowing what has been left in your database as an orphaned record? What happens to the Activity records related to the Contacts... Noticed your database bloating as you delete records?

If any of the above have happened to you, deletePLUS is what you're after - available from the Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities modules and with a configurable interface that puts the delete process in your control


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